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Why I have a travel blog

There are many reasons why everyone should be able to write a travel blog. Many people don't have the time or do not keep a travel journal with them. This is not good. I believe everyone needs to write down each event they did each day. Track your travel so you are able to remember what you did, what you liked, and your travel failures. Through out my travels- I always bring my travel journal. This is one reason why I am able to write a travel blog. I basically have all my travel written down and I can't wait to share. 

When you travel, you make so many memories. It is very important for me to write down those memories so I will always have them. A travel blog is going to be able to help me and hopefully others see my memories and learn from my mistakes.

The purpose of my Travel blog is to help many people get a good idea on where to travel, what to do at your destination, and how to research and execute your dream vacation. Occasionally I will be writing about tips on traveling, abundance of travel resources, and my way of traveling for cheap.

I have people ask me all the time: "how did you know what to do when you got to your destination.." - "Where are great places to go and what to see?" - " Or how expensive is it to go to that destination?"- All these are great questions and I hope to answer many of your questions through this blog.

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